Friday, May 15, 2009

Slacking off is my new hobby!!!

I noticed that I haven't updated my blog for over a month. I get on the computer all the time, but usually to Facebook. I am so addicted to it. I should be cleaning the house today...but I sit here slacking off again.
Things are going really well. Spring is here, the garden is planted and my husband has finished a couple of projects in the yard so far.
Logan is out of the helmet!!! YAY!! I never thought the day would come. He is such a fun baby. He loves to be outside and even climbs into his bike trailer when he is ready to go riding. I am getting to where I am not quite the wimp about long bike rides. I debated for a long time if I should renew my gym pass or just buy a bike and a trailer...well, you know the rest. I hated the thought of leaving Logan for another hour everyday just to get into shape. I feel better about him being able to enjoy the ride whil I get into shape.
I have been slacking at taking pictures too. My goal is to take some this week and post them next Friday.

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