Saturday, April 11, 2009

Welcome to the nut house!!!!

Things have been soooo crazy I can't wait for a break. Logan is growing up to fast. Colby seems to have a magnet for disaster. Jaden is the busy body....even busier than the baby.
Logan at 1 year was 23.6 lbs and 30.5 inches tall. He is such a wonderful addition to the family. He is just starting to really cruise around. He is so cute when he walks. He reminds me of baby Frankenstein.
Colby....once again....crashed hard on his bike and is down recouperating from his injuries. This time it was his collar bone. He just needs to understand that everything is fine in moderation. Riding like a maniac gets you no where but hurt.
Jaden is earning some money to pay off his debts. He did a big ooopppssss!! He has been working in the yard with Jon. Jon is really working his butt off. It is good for him. I wonder how he still has the energy to play basketball for hours on end after spending all day in the yard doing chores.
Jon and I are still employed after the rounds of Lay-offs at both Autoliv and ATK. We feel real blessed. My dad got laid off after 32 years with ATK. I just hope that he can remain sane.

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Jo said...

Sounds like it's been busy at your house!