Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am so bad at this...

I have so much going on at any given moment the last thing on my mind...usually is getting to update my blog. Where do I start....First, Jaden is almost done with basketball season. I can hardly wait!!! I love to watch him play, but it get so hectic. It will be nice to have a Saturday morning off.

Work, for Jon and I has been so crazy. There were layoffs at his work...fortunately, he made it through with his job. I have been busier than ever. I have people calling to "book me" months in advance. I have been doing some training manual writing. They see how well it works and want me to help. 40 hours a week is more than what I want to work, but I might have to start putting in some OT to get to everything. I really hate the thought of that.

Logan, my sweet, sweet baby now has to wear a helmet every day, 23 hours a day, for 3 months. I hate it more than he does. He is so mellow most of the time. It is only a minor annoyance for him. He will be going to Primary Childrens' next week to get a Botox injection is his neck to loosen the muscle. He has torticollis which has caused him to have to wear the helmet. I hate that he has to go through all of this, but he is my little trooper.

Colby got in yet another fight at school. We have been taking him to counseling to work out his anger issues....I am not sure that it is working. It is so hard to have a blended family. His mom is awesome and does a good job, but like most teenagers he finds ways of getting into trouble. He pierced his ears (YUCK) and now wants to gauge them. I keep telling him that it won't be cool in 10 years when he can't get a job because he looks like a freak!!!